Voices like You. Pt.1

“I never thought I’d meet you ya’know?”                                                                                                               “Oh?”                                                                                                                                                                      “I wish I hadn’t…”

I hear voices.

Okay, when I say it like that I get why the others say I’m crazy. Now, I don’t just hear voices, In some ways I feel them.

That doesn’t make sense does it? I should probably explain what that even means.

Ever sense I was literally dragged out of my normal life and put into this ‘sanctuary’, as they call it, I’ve been hearing voices. With the voices comes what ever emotion they are feeling–it sucks trust me.

I tried to name them, but they just kept yelling that ‘If i couldn’t remember their names they rather not have one.’ I didn’t know what they meant back then and it only made them angrier. When they get angry, I get scared, it’s how things work with us. I make them angry, then I feel the consequences.

Sometimes I would hear them in the trees, but most of the time I hear them in the
walls of my house. When I was dropped off here by the supervisors, I was told to build what ever I dreamed of. The first time I questioned them I was put into total darkness. I try my best not to question them anymore. Instead I focus my thoughts into drawing and sketching. 

Picture Taken By Jordan Graham.

I looked outside of my miny masterpiece of a house to see a boy stumbling around. Odd I don’t remember hearing the door open.

He didn’t seem like much to me which got me wondering why the higher ups
would send someone like him here. He was never in any of my dreams, so I know I didn’t know him. Having this guy here was going to be a major problem that I know I wasn’t going to like, so I did the only sensible thing here.

I hid.

I know it was a cowardly thing to do, but I’m not a people person, ya know–voices and all. Who knows though he might help me break out of here finally. 

“You really want him here?” One of the voices asked me

Another one replied, “Of course he does, why wouldn’t he?” I wasn’t familiar with
this new voice and to tell you the truth I actually liked it. I smiled at the voice like an
idiot. It was soothing somehow, it sounded nice. Awesome.

I felt the smile on my face grow wider as I thought about what the voice may look
like. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my back, I fell over into the ground that was now
not full of soft grass, but hard metal.

Looks like I made the supervisors mad again.


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A Fresh Start For A Freshman.

Written by Jordan Graham

In eight days, my ninth grade school year will come to an end. Before I even knew it, I was getting ready to be a sophomore in a new school. At first, I thought starting out as a freshman would be scary, whether we were with the upper grades or not, but now I know that it wasn’t the least bit scary since I was with all of my friends.

I’m glad that I joined a variety of clubs and groups so that I could enjoy my time at the Ninth Grade Campus.

Due to joining Marching Band, I made friends much easier and I even got to know some of the students from the upper campus. Marching band allowed me to spend a lot of time with my friends and I’m glad that I continued band.

Another club I joined was Model United Nations. I originally joined so that i could spend more time with my friends, but they ended up dropping out. I’m thankful that I stayed with the club though. because the competitions were really fun and I met a lot of new people.

Most of my classes were what I expected them to be.

Biology with Mrs. Smith was my third favorite class out of the six that I had. She was a relatable teacher and fun to have a class with.

I talked about Mr. Hill in my marching band articles but I don’t think he gets enough recognition for all that he’s done for the band program. he really helps out the students and was one of my favorite teachers.

I had a two hour period of Math with Mr. Ledford. I thought that it would be difficult to keep up, but it was easier than I thought (it was still hard though).

Mr. Trivette and Coach Payne were great teachers that taught Health and Civics well.  There classes were easy and at one point fun.

My last class of the day, was the class I was always nervous to have when I was beginning Ninth Grade.


I think Journalism would have to be my favorite class next to Band. Mrs. H is an amazing teacher who is very relatable and fun to talk. Her class was very easy as long as you turned in your work on time and effectively. 

My year as a freshman was amazing and I’m glad that I met all of the new people from East and made more friends from West. The only downside to having an awesome year is having to leave everyone behind. That’s not to say that I wont keep in constant contact with everyone after I’m gone.




Learning Korean (1)

Recently, I’ve gotten really into a new genre of music. The genre of music that I’ve added to my playlist is K-pop or Korean pop. My friend introduced me to one of the many k-pop bands. While at my house, a friend of mine, introduced me to BTS (Bulletproof Boy scouts or Beyond The Scene). It took me awhile to warm up to listening to music in another language, but I soon started to get into liking it.

After listening to the music I began to think about learning the actual Korean language. I knew that it would take awhile to learn Hangul and the different combinations of vowels and constants, but I was prepared to learn.

Week 1

The first step I took was learning Hangul (Korean alphabet). I first started to write out all of the possible combination of constants and vowels. Seeing as there are about 400 different combinations, I quickly realized that I should most likely take a different approach in order to learn Hangul.

I decided that writing out all of the vowels and constants would be easier to do first instead of jumping into the deep end and writing all the combinations. So I wrote them in a journal. I figured that I might as well be organized if I was going to learn long term, which I hope I was. After writing all of the vowels and constants out, as well as labeling them, I started to wrote out the combinations. I started with one constant and wrote all of the vowels it went with and so on.

The process took quite some time and I’m still not done yet. I hope to finish soon so that I can start learning the pronunciations over the summer.

Stopping Time & hearts (4)

I made sure to cross my arms for emphasis. Upon closer look I saw his eyes actually focus on my face. That only meant that he had only heard the latter of my explanation. I refuse to explain it to him, so it would seem he will go through the next few days believing to be dead.

A NOTE FROM CASEY:                                                                                                                      It took two days before Caleb asked me again if he was actually going to die. I decided not to answer but i suspected he figured out the answer once a little girl asked him for twenty dollars. 

I think Casey liked to watch people suffer. He left me to my own thoughts for two days thinking that i was actually dead. I asked him about it earlier, but he just shrugged and said maybe.

To recap, I was told by Casey’s parents to stay at his house until my ‘problem’ was fixed. They made sure to inform my parents and the school about my situation, so that no one would worry about me. I didn’t hear the details about what my ‘problem’ actually was, but I know for sure that Casey had to.

CASEYS’ EXPLANATION:                                                                                                                  His soul was apparently tangled with the soul of someone who was supposed to die. I imagine, a mistake was made and the soul did not go to the correct destination. Instead of following its designated Reaper, it flowed into Caleb’s body. We are currently working on a way to untangle the two souls without losing them both.

Casey’s parents say (more like write actually. Once reapers reach a certain age they don’t usually talk) that it’ll most likely take a few weeks to pinpoint the soul fragments that don’t belong in my body. I try not to think how they will go about extracting said fragments.

A LAST NOTE:                                                                                                                                        It is not an excruciating process, but it is not relaxing either. 




Friday The 13th: From A Black Cat

Friday, April 13, 2018

Today was another day that I dreaded being what I was. Next to Halloween, today was the worst possible day to be a Black Cat. Even my own Mistress feared me and kept her distance.

“An omen of bad luck.” That is what they always called me. The other animals, including the dogs, kept their distance from me. I was never sure if it was do to their anxiety or from their owners pulling on their leashes. All I knew was on days like these they stayed away more than usual.

I always tried to show everyone that I meant no harm to them ever, though it is hard when you’re a cat. I played with my Mistress more than usual today and I even let her pet me with few a scratches as proof. However, no matter what I did everyone and animal feared me. I was used to it, but I did not appreciate it.

I watched my Mistress, whos name was actually Jordan, fill my bowl to the brim with dry cat food. It was time for my mid day feeding and I had been anticipating it since my morning feeding. Today had tired me out due to my lack of friends. They kept me awake throughout the day, but due to them avoiding me I was left to feel tired all morning. I didn’t mind to much though. I wasn’t going to complain about a few extra hours of sleep.

It wasn’t long before night time pulled around and everyone really become on edge. Like I said before, I was used to it. My Mistress picked me up and put me into my resting place once she was ready to go to her resting box. This was one ritual between us I was glad did not change.

As I felt sleep embrace me, I was glad to have another day where nobody questioned me to much. After all, it was a bit odd to be the only cat in town. Perhaps that was why everyone feared me own certain days. It never quite came to my attention until now that dead cats were meant to sure dead.

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Fairy tail Fantasy.

We all know the classic story. The main character saves someone, is a hero, does nothing wrong, blah blah blah, all that amazing stuff that makes you want to puke.Well, if you want that then I suggest you move on this instant because this is different. This one changes things, and I mean a lot of things. You see, I wasn’t a hero. I didn’t save anyone, I fail all the time and I gave up to easily. I wasn’t strong either so that didn’t help any. You see, I had two choices. It was good or bad, black and white, at first. All of that changed though, and I did what I probably shouldn’t have done looking back on it now. I chose the ‘bad’ side. But, it wasn’t that bad. This is where my story begins. The story that changed everything I ever believed about ‘heroes’.

“Jazz! Come on, we’ll be late. Again,” Viola called to me, clearly mad at the fact I still hadn’t gotten up from my place on the sofa.

“What are we doing this time,” I responded. I was perfectly fine sitting here. I didn’t want, nor did I need, to get up.

“We’re going out and you have ten seconds to get up.” I really wanted to argue back, but I was stopped once Viola gave me an ‘I dare you’ look. I guess we were going out today.

“OK, OK. I’m coming. Jeez woman,” I exclaimed, not quite feeling the need to get punched at the moment. I groaned and followed her out of our shared apartment.

Viola and I became roommates about three years ago. We were both tired of regular High school life so, With our parents permission we moved in together while in our junior year. It was actually an accident that we moved in together, seeing as we were supposed to have single rooms, but we didn’t really mind all that much at the time. Now, as college freshman we still lived together. Sometimes it got a bit hectic though.

As we were walking to Violas fantasy destination, I spotted something strange. A flash of red and white was all I made out. When I stopped and looked closer I saw two kids fighting what appeared to be another kid dressed as the punk version of Santa Clause.

It was then that it all changed for us. Who knew that a spur of the moment outing would change our lives?


Stopping Time & Hearts (3)

A BRIEF NOTE:                                                                                                                                     It isn’t my fault right? I did tell him he’d die. Granted, it was in a different way then I expected. Everyone makes mistakes. -Casey


I sighed as I looked up at Casey who was holding his scythe, “So let me get this straight. You’re telling me I died in a way I wasn’t supposed to? How is that even possible?”

After a very long conversation with my best, and only, friend Casey, I just found out that apparently the way I died wasn’t supposed to happen? I think Casey said something about me interfering with it, but I honestly don’t understand.

All of this information was making my head hurt, oh, speaking of Casey I think he just answered my question. By the time I tuned back in all I heard was-

“This would not have happened if you had just let nature take it’s course Caleb.” I snorted at his bland response. How could I not try and avoid my own death at 17?

NOTE:                                                                                                                                                      Caleb is an idiot. Now that you know this let us continue from my perspective, seeing as his did not allow you to know the actual important parts. -Casey


“So let me get this straight. You’re telling me I died in a way I wasn’t supposed to? How is that even possible?” 

I looked down at Caleb with a quirk of my brow. I wondered sometimes how he survived going to school. I chose not to answer right away and instead looked around at the scenery. The sun had finally started to move again. Caleb had the ability to stop time, but it was not like he could control it. The stress of dying most likely triggered, although I would not understand being stressed about dying.

“Yes, that is exactly what I just said. I am not sure how you died in a different way than what was originally planned but I’m sure it was a mistake. It is possible that my vision of your death was meant for somebody else and not you.If that is the case you will re animate as you are sooner or later. That would explain the current predicament we are in. Even so, I’m sure that this would not have happened if you had just let nature take it’s course Caleb.”

I made sure to cross my arms for emphasis. Upon closer look I saw his eyes actually focus on my face. That only meant that he had only heard the latter of my explanation. I refuse to explain it to him, so it would seem he will go through the next few days believing to be dead.

NOTE:                                                                                                                                                Casey is very sadistic. You’d think as a reaper he’d be neutral or compassionate, but no. Sometimes I think he hates literally everyone. -Caleb





Interesting Quirks I Have/Had.


a peculiar behavioral habit.

I know photography isn’t really a peculiar behavioral habit, but I still felt the need to include one of my many pictures that I’ve taken. Behavioral habits. I never really thought that I had any, but I can name a few that I had when I was younger.

  1. I still do this sometimes and my friends always look at me like I belong in an asylum and I can’t really blame them. When I was younger, and kinda still now, I would circle before I sat down on the floor.

I think  I did this because I had a dog for literally all my life. I most likely saw what she was doing and just kind of copied her. I did the same thing when I went up stairs. You know how dogs go up stairs with all fours*? Yeah. I did that two up until a month ago.

*I know all dogs go upstairs with all fours, but it made sense to ask at the time.

2. I guess this is a quirk? This one actually has a background, sort of. For three years I did cheer leading and because of this I’m pretty flexible in specifically my legs and stuff.

So, do to me having sort of long and flexible legs, I tend to put my foot on most surfaces and just sort of…stretch? I’m not sure why I do this, but I do. I’ll probably stop once I fall or something.

It took me awhile to find literally two quirks that I had, but there they are.

They may be odd, but I’m proud of them-no I’m not. Then again without them i wouldn’t be who i am so I guess i am kind of happy that I’m a weirdo.

An Event That Would Change My Life.

Written by Jordan Graham

An event that would change my life would be my wedding.

I’ve been planning my wedding since I was a little kid, honestly. As of now I might have to rethink some of the plans to accommodate who I marry. All I really want though, is to have a non-white wedding dress.

I don’t know when I’ll get married and I could really care less. I just want to marry someone who I love and Vice-Versa.

My wedding would change my life for two or three reasons.

The first would be the simple fact that I would have someone to spend the rest of my life with for as long as I lived. When I get married it’s going to be with someone I love and that really excites me. I’m really just ready to spend my life with someone and do a bunch of domestic stuff,even though I’m only 15 years old now at the moment. I’ll probably look back on this when I am married and laugh at myself.

The third reason my life would change after marriage or during is that I would have more family. When I get married my significant others family will then become my family and vice-versa. I have always wanted a little sister and a little brother and getting married might give me a step-sister or brother that’s younger than me. After marriage I plan to have children and that will just add to my family. Even now I have a list of baby girl and baby boy names.

I’m excited to get married and i even have my maid of honor(s) picked out. Hopefully not to much changes in the span of the time it takes from now to my wedding, but I can’t really control that.

When I do get married however, I know it will change my life. Hopefully for the better!

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My Dream Job(s).

I’ve had many dream jobs in my lifetime,which so far is only 15 years.

My first dream job was to be a Veterinarian. I don’t know why I decided against it a few years later, but I went from wanting to be a Vet to being the drummer in a band.

So, when I was in middle school my group of friends and I wanted to be in a band(said band had many name changes, the current name is Panacea). I was the drummer/ singer of the group. We had about five or six members in all. I may still be in a band when I’m older, but the chance is slim.

Once I realized that I had no musical talent what so ever, I looked at other career options. My first actual career idea was to be an anesthesiologist while my friend, Ashley, was Neurologist. To sum it up, i didn’t think that it would work out very well. Like being a drummer, I might do more research on it, but it’s chances are also slim.

My final dream job that is currently my actual dream job, is to be a Journalist. I’ve realized that I actually like doing research and interviewing people. I know that’s not all that journalism is, but I’m willing to learn.

I’m aware that over the years my dream jobs have changed and thinking about it they probably still will. I hope I still do some of the things that I’ve started as a Freshmen, because what I’ve done so far is basically what I’ll probably do in the future.

Basically, I had past dream jobs, but they could always change. If all else fails being a Veterinarian is kinda easy.


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