Voices like You. Pt.1

“I never thought I’d meet you ya’know?”                                                                                                               “Oh?”                                                                                                                                                                      “I wish I hadn’t…”

I hear voices.

Okay, when I say it like that I get why the others say I’m crazy. Now, I don’t just hear voices, In some ways I feel them.

That doesn’t make sense does it? I should probably explain what that even means.

Ever sense I was literally dragged out of my normal life and put into this ‘sanctuary’, as they call it, I’ve been hearing voices. With the voices comes what ever emotion they are feeling–it sucks trust me.

I tried to name them, but they just kept yelling that ‘If i couldn’t remember their names they rather not have one.’ I didn’t know what they meant back then and it only made them angrier. When they get angry, I get scared, it’s how things work with us. I make them angry, then I feel the consequences.

Sometimes I would hear them in the trees, but most of the time I hear them in the
walls of my house. When I was dropped off here by the supervisors, I was told to build what ever I dreamed of. The first time I questioned them I was put into total darkness. I try my best not to question them anymore. Instead I focus my thoughts into drawing and sketching. 

Picture Taken By Jordan Graham.

I looked outside of my miny masterpiece of a house to see a boy stumbling around. Odd I don’t remember hearing the door open.

He didn’t seem like much to me which got me wondering why the higher ups
would send someone like him here. He was never in any of my dreams, so I know I didn’t know him. Having this guy here was going to be a major problem that I know I wasn’t going to like, so I did the only sensible thing here.

I hid.

I know it was a cowardly thing to do, but I’m not a people person, ya know–voices and all. Who knows though he might help me break out of here finally. 

“You really want him here?” One of the voices asked me

Another one replied, “Of course he does, why wouldn’t he?” I wasn’t familiar with
this new voice and to tell you the truth I actually liked it. I smiled at the voice like an
idiot. It was soothing somehow, it sounded nice. Awesome.

I felt the smile on my face grow wider as I thought about what the voice may look
like. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my back, I fell over into the ground that was now
not full of soft grass, but hard metal.

Looks like I made the supervisors mad again.


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What are 10 things/people I can’t live without?

Written by Jordan G.

A List of people/things/animals I simply Can Not live without.

1). My Dog


My Dog, Cooper, is honestly one of the inspirations in my life. without him I don’t know what I would be doing right now. He honestly makes me happy and he would always come and sit by me when I was sad.


2.) Ashley


Ashley James is one of the closest friends I have. We have been together since 3rd grade and I honestly wouldn’t want to have it any other way. On to the next eight.


3.) BAND


I have no idea why I have this on number 3 because without band I would honestly be such a loser. I started band in 6th grade and loved it*. I loved being in Marching Band and I still love everyone I meet through marching Band.


4.) Ariana

photo taken by Carlin G.

Ariana is that friend that you just kind of have to have really. If shes not sassing you she’s sassing somebody else and isn’t caring about it. That’s what I love about her. She’s always there with us to tell things how they are and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Love the girl.


5.) Jela


Love this little shorty! I’ve only just become good friends with her over the past few years, but she’s a big part of my life as well. She’s always there to give all of us inspiration and she is over all an amazing person to hang around.


6.) My Nephews.


I love my babies! I’ve never been around small children before and I’m glad that these little bundles of joy are in my life now. Without them I don’t know what my life would be like and I’m glad I got to be with them for 2-3 years. They sadly moved to South Carolina, but they don’t live too far away from where I’m going to live in a year.


7.) Juliette


Juliette Kristie Scott has been my friend since 3rd grade like many of the people on this list. She may act shy in public but when we’re alone or with other friends she’s the meme queen. I can remember brushing her hair at the end of the day in 3rd grade. I think that’s what started our weird friendship. If it wasn’t that it was the fact that we would build ant hills* and call people ‘cylinders’*.


8.) Abby


Also known as Truffuluff tree, Pineapple or Border control, Abby is a wonderful ball of joy and sass. She’s always there to tell me information that I need to know and to help me with all my classes. She’s also there to recommend me musicals to watch. Thanks to her I was able to binge watch the Hamilton Soundtrack.


9.) Makeup


There isn’t a particular reason this is on here other than the fact that I love makeup and do a lot with it. I try not to use it just to look good, like you normally would. Instead I use it for that and fore costumes i come up with. I usually use it when I go cosplaying or for Halloween. It always turns out how I want it to and if it doesn’t I can always redo it!


10.) Carlin (an afterthought to be honest)


Carlin’s a great person. I would prefer Sammy over him because Sammy is less annoying, but Carlin is still a great guy. Sure it may take 10 times for him to answer my question, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like him.


*I hated band and thought it was for nerds before I actually joined.

*We took dirt put them in piles and proceeded to pick up ants and put them in said piles.

*an insult we used.

Dear Younger Jordan

Dear younger Jordan,

How are you? Chances are that you’re talking to Ashley or Ariana while reading this. If you are that’s good. I’m sure you know already, but I’m not very good with remembering certain details about my life, unless it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, I wrote this letter to just kinda talk with you. Knowing you (or should I say knowing myself?) even if I gave you some pretty amazing advice, which I would, you wouldn’t take it. So instead of telling you advice I’ll tell you how life is going right about now.

Firstly, don’t freak out about high school. It isn’t that bad trust me (or you?). All of your classes are easy, except Biology, and fun. All the teachers are really nice as well.

Secondly, you better be signing up for Marching Band around this time because if not you will seriously regret it. Marching season is almost over sadly, but it’s been fun over all and I wouldn’t ask for anything else if I had the chance. Rachel is a really nice section leader and you’re going to love her!

Thirdly, some sad news. You’re going to be moving at the end of Ninth Grade. You’ll be going to Greensboro. North Carolina. It’s going to be okay though because you’re going to stay in contact with all of your friends (I hope.)

Enough with the sad stuff. On an amazing note (see what I did there?), Mr.Hill* is putting me on Bass Clarinet for the Wind Ensemble. Dad is getting the mouthpiece and reeds once I get the Instrument.

Stay Saucy.

Sincerely, Older Jordan.

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Musicals I Enjoy.

I’ve always liked music and writing, since I was a little girl. I still enjoy both of these things.

As of a few years ago, I’ve started to listen to a large variety of musicals.

The first musical I was introduced to was most likely Annie. My parents bought me a movie disc with the movie in it for Christmas and I know that I loved it. I can remember seeing a few different versions, but they were all good to me.

In Eighth Grade I was introduced to the musical Hamilton by a few friends of mine.

An American Musical is a sung- and rapped-through musical about the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, with music, lyrics and book by Lin-Manuel Miranda, inspired by the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton by historian Ron Chernow. 

I ended up listening to all of the songs and I couldn’t be happier.

Afterwards I started to listen to musicals like, Be More Chill, Falsettos, 21 Chump Street, Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, The Count of Monte Cristo, and many more.

I’m currently Listening to the Falsettos soundtrack and I’m getting a bit emotional as it comes to an end. My favorite songs from the soundtrack would have to be Gotta Die Sometime and The Thrill of First Love. Whizzer describes me to a T in all honesty. He was my favorite character and it was a shame to see him go.

Dear Evan Hansen is an amazing Musical that deals with serious issues in life and it’s another musical that got me to cry my eyes out when I didn’t want to.

I’m sure I’ll be listening to more musicals in the near future. Until then, stay positive!


The Life of Having Dogs.


Mans best friend. 

From my experience with animals, dogs would have to be at the top of my list. I’ve only had two dogs since I’ve been born. I can tell you now that I have loved both of them.

My first dog, Ginger Snap was honestly a nightmare. I could tell that she was sweet at heart, but she had a few problems. At random times she would either snap at us or bite one of us. When I was about four I pulled on her ears, not my finest moment, and she ended up scratching my nose and left a scar. She was a sweet little boxer. I guess me and her just never clicked because I was so young at the time.

My second, and current, dog Cooper turned out to be a big sweetheart. My mom and I adopted Cooper from an animal shelter. We went to Macon to pick him up from a couple that was taking care of him at the time. When I first saw him, I knew that I would love him a lot. He has the cutest puppy dog eyes even though he’s almost bigger than me. We took him home and that’s when he got his name. I saw a street sign named ‘Cooper Road’ and I knew that his name would be Cooper. So far he’s been really sweet to me and he helps me when I’m sad or anything. To me he has the cutest eyebrows and the cutest puppy dog eyes. Without him I wouldn’t know what to do.

For anyone wondering I would highly recommend getting a dog, or a cat I like both.

Photo Taken By Jordan Graham

Stopping Time & Hearts (2.5)-Reapers

I like to think that I’m a normal guy with normal issues.

Sadly, my parents being…my parents had other plans for my inevitable demise. Actually, I don’t think Reapers have demises. I’ll ask Caleb if he’s heard anything about that, I rather not ask my parents. They would probably just lecture me on “How I should know that already” and “How I’d know that if I kept up with my history”.

Yeah, No.

Back to me having issues. Caleb says my problem is the fact that I have to think about it.

“You’re not very good at thinking dude. Lay off. It just comes natural to me ya know?”

I honestly didn’t have the heart to bring up every grade that was better than his from school.

Well, I say I didn’t have the heart and I guess I meant that literally as well. I might as well just explain how that works.

Firstly, Reapers don’t have hearts. Not in the ‘we don’t care about anything’ way, but the ‘we literally don’t have hearts’ way. This fact usually makes the people in UPGRADE scared and weary of us.

Imagine my surprise when I met a boy who didn’t care about that.

Due. to our lack of hearts, we aren’t supposed to posses any feelings for non-reapers. As you can guess I failed that pretty badly. It’s not like I regret It though. I honestly don’t know where I would be without his…’guidance’ as he calls it.

Enough with the..basics. Back to the story.





Stopping Time & Hearts (2)

                                                                       NOTE:                                                                                              I love Casey and all, but he really needs to work on his people skills.                                                                                            -Caleb

If you didn’t know already my best friend since preschool kinda died and before you start with the ‘Oh I’m so sorry’s and the ‘You poor thing’s. If I’m being honest he had it coming. I told him he’d die and I even was nice enough to tell him how he’d die. But did he listen to me? Nope.

I shouldn’t be to surprised that he didn’t believe me at first, after all nobody does until it actually happens.

Before I continue why do they always end up blaming me that they died? All I did was tell them what was going to happen, it’s not like I made it so that they would die.

My ability just allows me to show them what’s going to happen. If they wanted someone to kill them, they’d have to go to find a better Reaper than me. I suggest my guardians, I don’ think I know any other Reapers that are better than them. On second thought, I don’t think I know any other Reapers besides them. At least not in UPGRADE*.

Back to Caleb being dead. Yeah, he died of-

I just realized I don’t even know what he died from.

                                                            *A BIT OF BACKGROUND                                                           Casey and I live in UPGRADE. UPGRADE is really the human equivalent of Earth.                                                                                  -Caleb

So here I am. Talking with my best and only friend, who happens to be dead.

What a great way to start my Friday, right?



Stopping Time & Hearts

It was 1:50 pm when he was very convinced that he wasn’t going to die today. Granted, when he told his teacher she didn’t look very pleased to here that. He had told his parents the same thing that morning and they had sat him down and asked him if everything was alright at school-it wasn’t but they didn’t need to know that right?

Caleb Harris knew two things.

The first was that his teacher clearly didn’t know how to teach the subject she was assigned.

And the second was that it had been 1:50 for about 6 minutes now.

                                                                 A BRIEF NOTE:                                                              Caleb knew he was going to die. He spent 15 years of his life trying to prevent it. He failed in case you haven’t noticed. -Casey Andrews

Well why don’t you look at that. It has officially been 1:50 for 9 minutes now, but who’s counting right? Clearly it wasn’t Caleb.

By the time he realized that he didn’t have a pulse anymore he just kinda…sat there? He sure as heck wasn’t going to finish the ‘worksheet’ his teacher had laid out for him. That would be just plain dumb.

On a more series note, he did know this was going to happen ever since he was little. He remembered this class and he remembered this worksheet. He remembered everything that was going on around him…or not going on actually.

How could he not remember the details? His friend Casey,who had been his friend since preschool, had shown him through his cool Telepathy Power. He of course didn’t believe it at the time, but now well he kind of had to.

He was going to hunt Casey down even if it took all day.

“Oh..I see you finally died Caleb”

It wouldn’t take all day it turned out.

     ANOTHER NOTE:                                                                                                                     It wasn’t my fault he actually died…



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